Our volunteers attend EDM events and festivities. They coordinate support between attendees, security and medical staff. Volunteer PLUR Angels provide forgotten or misplaced items. They encourage hydration breaks and have bottled water on hand for attendees. Forgot your earplugs? Find an Angel and get a new set. They also have sanitary items and condoms on hand.


In addition to supplies, PLUR Angels provide support. They are able to spot when someone is in crisis and can facilitate getting help from medical staff as well as provide information to make medical assistant more efficient and productive. PLUR Angels are not medical professionals or law enforcement. They provide peer-to-peer education and non-urgent assistance. Attendees are often more comfortable speaking to a peer when experiencing a problem at event due to fear of "getting in trouble." PLUR Angels provide a safe feeling and can assess the type of help needed. This limits unnecessary calls for medical assistance while getting those who do need help the help they need quickly.


What Do PLUR Angels Carry?

PLUR Angels keep a supply of bottled water, tampons, ear plugs, sanitary wipes and ear plugs on hand.


What Else Do They Do?

They also check in with festival attendees who may have engaged in risky behaviors to facilitate their needs. Angels prides itself on providing judgement-free education on site and online. Our social media and new blog are excellent resources for staying safe and happy at music events.